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Experts AGREE, a book is the best way to organically generate leads & sustainability for your business, ministry, cause, or brand.
If You're Ready to Take the Next Step, 
The SAVVY Author Mentoring Program is for YOU! 

The 3 Phases of Creating Your Brand Awareness Book

Brainstorm & Blueprint

Every great book starts with the same foundation, a cohesive content idea and a solid outline to follow during creation. Our Brainstorm & Blueprint process helps you create the necessary foundation and framework, for a successful book.

Create & Correct

Most authors need developmental editing services and help formatting their completed manuscript, and everyone needs a good editor. Our Co-Writing services offer everything you need to refine and prepare your manuscript for publication.

Publish & Promote

Successfully launching a book has many moving parts and can be overwhelming, but there is no need to figure it out on your own. Our Catapult services take the guess work out of publishing and launching your new book.

Where are YOU in the process?

Crafting your message and creating your book is a process, and it can be difficult to figure out on your own. Making it even harder, the internet is full of conflicting advice and unproven experts selling it.

As a Literary Consulting firm, it is our job to help you successfully navigate through the moving parts and obstacles, of creating your fiction or Brand Awareness Book, from start to finish. With more than a decade of experience, we have the knowledge to help you with any stage of the journey.

If you're ready to go from Stuck & Uncertain to Published & Launched, we invite you to learn more about The SAVVY Author Mentoring Program.

Are You Writing an Allegory or Fiction Book?

Don't worry, we've got you covered as well. Instead of the Brainstorm & Blueprint, we start the process with the creation of the Story Arc and Character Development.

What Our Clients Are Saying - It Speaks Volumes!

Tina Levene
Motivational Speak & Author

"When I started thinking about writing my fifth book, I was not excited. The Brainstorm & Blueprint made ALL the difference. They really helped me get organized. My advice, don't write a book without them!"

Deb Drake
Licensed Occupational Therapist

"It's a dream come true, my book is now published, and my clients can benefit from it. Every professional should have a book, and with Clara Rose and her Brainstorm & Blueprint process, that can happen!"

Octoryia Robinson
Found and CEO of Launch Now

"What the Brainstorm and Blueprint brought into my life, was a safe place to create, where my voice and heart were fully received. They partnered with me to cultivate even more gold than I could see."

Dallen Reber
Motivational Speak & Author

"If you are thinking about working with Clara, I highly recommend it! I had no idea where to even start,  but she took me from an idea to a completed product, step by step. I could not have done it without her!"

Amy Debrucque
Confidence Coach & Author

"I often say, hiring Clara is the best money I have ever spent on my business. Her expertise and skills has helped me see several projects to the end. My new book Embolden was just picked up by a publishing house!"

Dr. Gunter Wessels
Human Performance Strategic Consulting

"Easy and effective process for creating your book. Clara helped us to capture our sales concept (Discovery, Progression, Commitment) for our clients in book form and create a successful training tool."

Meet Your Instructor

Clara Rose

Clara Rose is the founder and CEO of Clara Rose & Company, Chief Editor at RoseDale Publishing, and the Creator of the Be SAVVY brands.

She is a Literary Consultant and Editor, a published Author, a national Speaker, and the creator of the proprietary Brainstorm & Blueprint book build process. 

Additionally, Clara is the creator and host of The SAVVY Author Show, and the instructor for The SAVVY Author Mentoring program.

Clara works with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to strategically and intentionally create a brand awareness book, for their business, ministry, cause, or brand; and create sustainability.

The SAVVY Author Mentoring Program is dedicated to helping writers like you
to strategically and intentionally plan, create, and publish their brand awareness book.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level with your Brand Awareness Book?


"Writing a great manuscript is not enough; you need to understand the creative process, navigate the publishing world, and mange the book launch. SAVVY Authors are successful because they are strategic and intentional about these things. We can Help!"   - Clara Rose  

Be Strategic. Be Intentional. Be SAVVY.